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World Doula Week - March 22-28  Get Involved! Learn More!
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The event should be one that will draw professional and public attention to the doula movement, as well as to your business.

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This year's theme is "Doulas Help Make It Happen"!  Doulas are there to support, inform, encourage, and facilitate the beginnings of happy and healthy families everywhere.  Use World Doula Week promotional images to help reach your audience!  Download them here!

Activities may include: 

  • Labor Doula and Postpartum Doula of the Year Contest: The idea is to choose a special labor doula and a special postpartum doula every year on a local basis. The rationale is to encourage local doulas all over the world to aspire for excellence and stand out as a professional in their industry that is making a positive impact on the birth and/or postpartum world.  The winners will have the huge honor of being recognized as Doula of the Year or Postpartum Doula of the Year in their region.  

  • Annual Conference A conference may be either professional or public or both.  It may include lectures, talks, and workshops offering new techniques, updates, and insight regarding birth, labor support, newborns and the postpartum period.  The speakers may be doulas talking about their experiences and case studies, or books and essays they authored.  Obstetricians, Midwives, Family Physicians, and Pediatricians may also speak about topics that are of interest to those in the birth and postpartum fields.  These experts will gain a lot of exposure as well as networking opportunities and would likely be cooperative.
  • Expo/Fair This may be an expo or fair with exhibitors promoting their birth and postpartum products and/or services.  The fair should also include activities and workshops, such as demonstrations of comfort measures for labor, movement and the positions for labor and birth, birth movies, panel discussions, etc.  Doulas may offer free advisory and mini workshop stations (how to write a birth plan, techniques of spinning OP babies, rebozo workshop, reading baby’s cues, calming/soothing techniques, etc.) We would love to hear some more ideas and share them on our site.   

  • Show the film Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion and have a panel of doulas and other birth professionals to discuss the movie and answer questions regarding a doula's role and benefits to using a doula.  

Benefits of becoming a World Doula Week local coordinator may include:

  • The opportunity to market your business/services to your local community. 

  • Recognition as a community leader and activist.   

  • The opportunity to raise funds from sponsors to benefit community doula programs and outreach.  

  • The opportunity to increase networking and cooperation with other birth professionals in your local area. 

  • Outreach and publicity on the WDW website and other means of exposure such as Public Relations.

The World Doula Week team is the owner of the World Doula Week idea, concept, website, copyrights, and any other assets that include the words World Doula Week and contents connected directly or indirectly to World Doula Week. 

The World Doula Week team is not responsible and won’t be responsible for any damage of any kind that might be caused or connected directly or indirectly to the World Doula Week Local Event Leader and/or event participants. 

The Local Event Leader understands that World Doula Week is an international initiative that is aimed to encourage doulas all over the world to work toward improving the physiological, social, emotional, and psychological health of women, newborns, and families in birth and in the postpartum period. 

The Local Event Leader accepts that the event he/she conducts must be held according to the instructions in the World Doula Week Manual. 

The Local Event Leader understands that all events should be carried out according to their local laws.

The Local Event Leader agrees to abide by the spirit and guidelines of the World Doula Week Manual in creating the local event, and that all parts of the World Doula Week event including the customized portion of the event will reflect the World Doula Week initiative spirit and goals. 

The Local Event Leader understands and accepts that all publications, ads, Public Relations, and advertising of the event are his/her responsibility and should reflect the spirit of the World Doula Week initiative goals. 

The Local Event Leader understands and accepts that the sponsors and partners of the event should reflect the World Doula Week initiative spirit and goals.  No formula manufacturers, suppliers, agents, or anyone involved with formula marketing should be allowed by the Local Event Leader to be connected in any way to the event. 

The Local Event Leader allows World Doula Week to use any content, photographs, video, or multimedia published on its public domains and retains the rights to this content.  World Doula Week reserves the right to revoke permission for use of the World Doula Week logo and name in the case of events which violate the spirit and guidelines of World doula Week. 

The Local Event Leader agrees to waive any claim and to release and discharge the World Doula Week team from any claim in connection direct or indirect to the World Doula Week events. 

The Local Event Leader agrees to immediately indemnify the World Doula Week team of liabilities or claims made against them as a result of his/her behavior that are associated with the event and to extend to liability for negligence under common or statute law.
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